Thursday, March 08, 2018

Lord James D'Ampton

The other day, we had a team meeting…Marcus mention that both Mr. Horton’s Secretary & myself will need to help out Samuel because the Upscale business is just so screwed up; upside down and Samuel is practically being overloaded with everything and anything…well, I certainly don’t mind…get to learn new things mah…seriously, even though I see the bigger picture of the business in this new portfolio and learn more about human nature & interactions, I feel…insufficient & incompetent leh…no doubt the pay is good but the job is too routine, I feel redundant, otak also not that cergas like last time…but at 36, still want so many challenges meh…hahaha, all I know is that I just want to learn & do what The English Trade Planning Department is doing…and I hope G13 will get there before it’s too late for me…hahaha…because I…I want to grow and add value…I like what I’m doing currently but I don’t feel like I'm growing and adding value to myself…

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