Monday, October 09, 2017

Trust, The Basis Of Our Hope

To believe is to trust.

It’s as simple as that. We practice trust all the time, without thinking much of it, hardly ever questioning. An example is when you order a Big Mac to eat, you are in effect saying by your action, that you trust the food you are consuming is what it claims to be. You don’t have a second thought on whether it is made of kangaroo meat instead of beef. That’s trust.

Every time you get on a plane, you are expressing trust that the plane is airworthy, and though you have never grilled the pilots in an interview, you trust that they are qualified to fly the plane. You are, in effect, placing your very life into the hands of the captain and the co-pilot. Now the question is this: if we live our everyday lives with such a trust, why is it so difficult to trust God and Him at His Word? There is a serious inconsistency at work in our lives without us realizing it.

And so, this is the right time, as we pray, to remove all fears of truly trusting in God.

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