Saturday, September 27, 2008

the dance unfolds

The plan today was to go to Jusco and pick up some toiletries & personal care items…but I ended up shopping & buying a new handbag and 2 gorgeous tops – impromptu! :) Like I was also berraya-ing with my fellow Muslim community for the last minute Raya shopping. I think I need a new pair of jeans, a watch, some bling-bling bracelets or rings and a party dress.

I really enjoy ogling at beautiful clothes; and looking at how colors, styles, textures and moods arrive from the “fashion” world and then permeates into the rest of the “design” world to define what’s visually cool and fashionable in today’s popular culture. But when it comes to dressing myself up…I tend to go for something that is simple, comfy and just being me. Nothing extravagant…then it will be very un-yingze like :) I’m not into brands or teeny fashion trends. I’m a careful shopper; I’m always on the look out for a good bargain. Like today, everything I bought was at 50% off. And I like to think that I’m careful with my money :)
I’m still trying to save up more money. It’s so hard, and it takes so long. Money does make the world go round and it is everything. Without money I feel insecure, I can’t go through my day without it. Even if I don’t eat, my family has to eat…my car have to ‘eat’ as well.
I put down a RM10k for my new car down payment and borrowed another RM5k from my Pa so I can cut short the installment period. Now I have to pay my car installment every month and also trying to pay back my Pa as soon as possible. I don’t get paid a lot. I wish I could get paid more. But Iron Butterfly thinks I’m too expensive :(

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