Sunday, September 14, 2008

a suitable boy

Congratulations to Ping & Tony :)

I just can’t begin to describe how excellent and fun the wedding dinner was! Everyone was in da’house – Celtic, Wyatt, Seth, Juan, Julian, Lucius, Thor, Torres, Amadeo, Sverre Magnus, Regina, Justin, Sharan, Farah, Najib and many more. The atmosphere is fantastic! :) It was unfortunate that Miss Klein, Trix, Damian, Nikolai, Tommy, Boss & Pierre Andre couldn’t make it. We could bring the whole event down! :)

The ballroom décor is gorgeous with chandeliers, vintage wallpapers, antique furnitures and big rugs. The whole place is dripping with abundance and vintage luxury. I love it. The food was awesome and arrived quickly too (hey, we were starving! the dinner was supposed to start at 7pm, but it was delay till 8.15pm)! The meal was DELICIOUS, fresh and tasty. The wait staffs were excellent and helpful. Nothing to complain about! Highly recommended! Hey, it’s the Bangsar Seafood Garden! Family speeches were all really touching and charming, even though it was a bit long-winded. The dancing performances (from jazz to hip-hop, ballroom dance & cha-cha) were cute & enjoyable. Everything was just so nice. The details were perfect…very typical of Ping. Ping’s creative signature was all over the place - girly, very entertaining and heaps of fun. All of us ate, we drank, taking photos and silly antics. Seth’s baby was feeling pretty crook that night so Seth couldn’t stay for long. The trio has to make an early exit.

I saw so many people I knew from all over the place and some faces I haven’t seen in years. I walked around to each table, striking up conversations with old friends, old colleagues, a few familiar faces and some really interesting people on our table. I’m the kinda gal who finds it hard to contain my delight. Mind you, I’m often delighted by very simple things. VERY. Simple things. And most times, people don’t often share my amusement :)

I missed Juan. Juan is still the same - strong, bold, funny, witty. A real character. Juan has been a good mentor to me and like an older sibling watching & protecting over me. Wyatt has certainly mature a lot. And he was great to talk to! Lively, confident, intelligent and passionate about his work. He was very modest and very kind. After his horrible working experience with The French, Wyatt has decided to switch his career from Commercial to Schematic. Maybe I should do the same thing as well. Iron Butterfly is not making my life any easier. Plus, Rufus is beginning to side Iron Butterfly as well. I’m being ignored and neglected. It’s a good thing…I have some space to breath :)

And all of us had a fantastic time! The company of great friends is priceless indeed!

I still hate Iron Butterfly. But life for me is still moving forward. I’m still pursuing my career and interests. I’m still being a happy and active person. I’m still planning a future filled with rich and new experiences. I still want to make sure that I grow old while living a full life.

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