Friday, September 26, 2008

just tell it like it is

Monday – attended the Coleman Trade Show at Hotel Istana. I had an ok time. I didn’t have a fantastic time, but it was fun nonetheless; with Iron Butterfly & Rufus around. The event set-up was nice and cozy. The camping gears and outdoor pieces were breathtaking. I would describe their American range as very stylish, lush, distinctive, vibrant and a bit vintage, arty and eclectic. They make camping stylish…and the heavy-duty raft boat…it looks very sexy. It makes me want to jump onto it and blaze through the rapids. I guess they are selling the idea, the lifestyle, the brand and the image. To try to get more people to go outdoors :)

Tuesday – meeting with Noro Singapore. Sometimes I don’t like the fact that I know nothing about this industry that I worked in. I feel stupid. I still have problems. Issues. Flaws.
Coleman CEO & CFO visit – we did a branding block display presentation for them. They were impressed :)
Right now, if possible…I try to avoid being alone with Iron Butterfly…because whenever we are alone, Iron Butterfly will start to psycho me again. Iron Butterfly has got a big personality, a strong spirit and a whole lot of big ideas. But sometimes, the techniques are a little bit skeptical. I tend to play safe and Iron Butterfly is the opposite. But I’m learning lots from Iron Butterfly and are currently revisiting old ones as well. Rufus is amazing too – fantastic to work with, full of great ideas, amazing results, lovely personality, professional but fun, hard working, very determined to get that perfect shot. Iron Butterfly & Rufus have great chemistry. I love the way they talked about their business ventures. As if they were talking about a little project they just happened to find in their garage. But to look around and see what they have created from nothing, I was in awe.

Wednesday – dinner with Seth & Celtic. The place was cheap to eat, the cheerful kind of environment, quite crowded, a bit daggy, unpretentious, full of colourful international characters and the food was just excellent.

Thursday – negotiation for Brand Fair November till December.

Today - lunch with May Leng & Miss Chan. Best part of the afternoon: catching-up :)

This week conclusion: I’m draining and exhausting. My eyes are sore, my skin feels weird and worst of all, my hair feels oh so gross. In the midst of our daily hustle and bustle, our flurry of daily activities, rushing here and there, we see LIFE. As it is. Steady and continuous. Ongoing and faithful. Unaffected by us.

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