Monday, October 05, 2009

headache in ZOUK

Chic Pop (Bazaar Fashion Flea Market), Zouk KL. 7am - 7.30pm. Organized by Tongue In Chic.
This is my first time that I am attending such an event so I was very thrilled, inspired and buzzing with excitement! :) I was really looking forward to this new shopping experiences and getting new clothes for myself. I need a revamp :) Sadly, my wardrobe these days consists of jeans, jeans, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and some work shirts & a few work skirts. I've nothing decent to wear these days. I'm so afraid that I'll end up looking like a tramp at work or at a party. I usually look unkempt and messy :)
A fashion flea market being organized in a nightclub instead in the usual open area - I find the idea new, bold, fresh, creative, risky and different. I think this event will be a huge success. I saw lots of people; especially the young ladies dropping by; they bought so many things, the vendor's business looks good as well. The event showcases a diverse range of fashions. It caters to women who are seeking original, everyday, affordable, funky, alternative high-end labels and local upcoming fashion designers labels. There are some nice tops, lovely print dresses, great t-shirts prints, good quality garments, gorgeous handmade purse and jewelry. Nice fashions but I was not tempted to buy the stuffs. The designs are too hip, quirky, retro, vintage to my liking. So un-yingze :) The pieces are more like ready-to-wear-clubbing clothes to me. But I bought a very pretty ring though (similiar design to the middle picture). I actually prefer the design on the left but the available colors was not to my liking.
Baby Sis really bought a lot. She thoroughly enjoyed herself there. I love my sister's sampat sense of homor and her adventurous spirit. She never ceases to entertain me with her stories of weird-ass things.
Baby Sis really stock up to the max but I was suffering from a major headache. I find the air-condition was too cold (i was freezing in there) and then, there are some people who are either inconsiderate or don't have the common smoking in an air-condition room. If you want to act cool - please do it outside. Aslo bump into Bremen who is launching his very own fashion collections...and local celebrity bloggers Niki Cheong and Joyce Wong! :)
I think I will stick with the shopping malls instead :)

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