Friday, October 16, 2009

workplace trauma

Sumen Kwaina,
My little Indian brother...your departure this week from The French took everyone (especially me!) by surprise. I was shocked! You were very firm & stood your ground and couldn't be bothered whether Iron Butterfly will eventually release you or not. You didn't even give Iron Butterfly a chance. I salute your courage and boldness :)
To Iron Butterfly & perhaps to many, you are very disorganized & messy :) and have caused many troubles & problems here and there for everyone (with me; being your partner in crime) but to, at this very have blossomed into a smart, mature, sociable & confident little gentleman.
But now, I can't imagine my work life without you on our otherwise quiet stereo. You are the spicy chili in my tandoori. You are the sirens, the fireworks, the drums, the sparkle. You bring so much joy and laughter into my work life. Then there's your long, curly & beautiful eye lashes. And your cute puppy dog eyes. You're a wonderful and charming little person with a great big heart & personality. This Gundu will miss our weekly Tamil lessons a lot. I really am so proud of you. I hope you know that.
We all go through tough times. Unimaginable difficult life challenges. Sufferings. Difficulties that no one else would seem to ever understand. And the reality is, each of us would go through such situations; regardless of our academic accomplishments, work acheivements, beliefs, religions or material possessions. And recently I was reminded again of this statement:
What Makes A Person More Mature In The Eyes Of GOD Is Not The Actual Suffering Itself, But The Person's Responce Towards And During The Challenging Situation.
May GOD, The Redeemer and Source Of Life, give us all the strength and perseverance that we need to go through our life's challenges. However big. And however small. We are never capable of doing anything unless GOD gives you the strength and capability. And I'm so thankful to GOD for all of that!
To my very best working friend,
My special travel companion,
My perfect match,
My unwavering strength,
My glow of inspiration,
My favorite Implantation buddy,
My efficient Operation boy,
My talented handyman rock my world babe :)

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