Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Disagreement of Words and Thoughts

Tommy: Good morning sunshine

Me: Good morning boss

Tommy: How’s life? I need something!! Can I have Stewart’s contact number?

Me: Wats up? Huh?

Tommy: The Japanese

Me: Yeah, y?

Tommy: Can I have it. Asking for people. I couldn’t care less. Stop rolling your eyes

Me: I’m curious

Tommy: Trust you? I’m asking for The English. You think Stewart’s suitable? Or you want to try. Would you share Stewart’s number? But you cannot pre inform Stewart.

Me: Ok. I’m not that kepo lah

Tommy: Are you interested

Me: Not now

Hahaha…hmm…who wants to recruit Stewart…the system will suit Stewart, Stewart will suit the system…Stewart is a hard worker…also a dedicated boss…but have to go back home cun – cun at 6pm…I think Stewart will not leave…Stewart won’t abandon the team…

I would like to join The English one day…they have a very dynamic & robust system in place…but for sure…not now…God will lead when the time is right.

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