Friday, June 27, 2008

a boy who thinks he can

Germany tops Turkey 3-2; into the Euro 2008 final :) Yay!

That’s the third and ‘killer’ goal from young German hotshot Philipp Lahm. The Germans nailed it.

Spain beat Russia 3-0 this morning :) Whee! What a phenomenon.

The Finals: Clash of the titans. Go Spain! :)

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chih said...

heh heh you've gotta be one of the rare friends of mine - actually the only one who watches football. =) some of the players are very cute. sadly in NZ there's not a lot of football enthusiasts although Wellington recently came up with our own football local club "the Phoenix".

Rugby and what they term "footie" - Aussie rules heh heh I'm sure you'd have that in Perth too .... is more popular.

Btw, I've migrated sites. URL is in the link!! =D toodles!