Sunday, June 15, 2008

my interpretation

Happy Father’s Day Pa :)

Today I am so proud of my students!
I stepped out a little bit from my comfort zone and volunteer to be an assistant teacher in the Junior Sunday School class for this month. As today is Father’s Day, the rascals put up a singing performance for the audiences. Some of them were shy but the ten of them did sing their heart out…but the ending was a little bit cacat because they have forgotten on what they need to do next…nonetheless, it was great. They are noisy and a handful to handle but I think they are at a glorious age - innocent, inquisitive, spirited and honest - it’s definitely that moment in time before they enter another stage and get swept away by the “big kid things”. No matter what their ages are, children will be children.

When it comes to church matters, I'm as usual; the black sheep, the outcast and honestly I cannot identify the concept of being 'more Christian' :) But I thank GOD for his love and generosity.

For this month, I need to start exercising, getting myself into shape. I desperately want to be young, fit, healthy and active. I want to keep an active social life, get out & about, paint my nails and go to concerts. I want to keep my feet on the ground and have a sense of humor about life. I think my greatest fear right now is turning into a frumpy Chinese Aunty while I’m only 26! :) I’m not THAT afraid of growing old. It’s going to happen anyway, I may as well have a positive outlook on it. But I am interested to know how to take even better care of myself plus my skin as well. I see the dullness. I feel the lack of moisture and perkiness. All signs of aging.

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c said...

hahhaha!! naughty woman you'll never be frumpy.