Monday, June 23, 2008

The Spanish Connection

Spain beat Italy :) Whee!

My choice of Player of the tournament: Cesc Fabregas.
His looks are simply smashing, he is extremely skillful, he is hot and courageous.
He will be the next Raul; or even better.
Go Spain! :) You guys are no longer the underdogs – truly a genuine contender now.

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loserkid said...

haha.. spain eyy.. although i have always a soft spot for spain since they are the favourite's underdog... thanks to not being able to win anything after the 1960s eventhough they have some of the world finest footballer....
i have to say in this tournament.. russia and turkey has impressed me a lot... luck runs out for turkey last night.. but, man did they give germany value for their money... so yeah i will be rooting for russia tonite... guus hiddink is a miracle worker.. hahaha i love torres and co... but russia got my vote tonight simply because their underdog tag... dont you love it when the underdog wins...

on another note.. liverpool should try to sign ribery.. and david silva... imagine a team with torres, gerrard, silva and ribery... sends shivers down the premier league spine i tell you.. haha