Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Ties


I have a Meal Fast this afternoon – my Prayer Points were Family Altar & United Families in the Family.

Perhaps in my 20s or younger, money would have been very, if not the most, important thing in my life. Now in my late 20s – things & priorities indeed have changed. It’s very important to purposefully setting apart time for my family and also time for myself, and time for my friends.

Yes, my family members are far from perfect, they are dysfunctional to a certain extent, I think we have more downs than ups in our family relationship…but I still cherished them to the max. The prayer points serves as a very strong reminder of what I have today and how no amount of money can buy it. It’s a reminder of why it has been worth it to give my life and time to my family. They grow up so fast. My parents are no longer young anymore, 20 years down the road, who knows where all of us will be.

I used to think people just said that. But it’s so true. We know we won’t have our parents or siblings forever, and it becomes clearer and clearer to me every day. I try to cherish time with my parents as much as possible. I never forget that they are the most important pieces of my life and every moment that we spend together is a blessing. Love thy parents.

Moving forward, I will try to love them more. Make time for them. Have alone time with each one of them. Talk to them. Listen to them. Laugh. Be honest. Enjoy them. Create happy experiences for them. Also, be part of my community. Make time for friends. Give my time to helping others. Organize gatherings. Everyone needs affection and consideration too. I want to love my family and the people around me more :)

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