Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good going

First match of the season and Liverpool draw 1 – 1 with Sunderland :( We could have garnered 3 full points and we just totally blew it away. After a strong match showing performance in Malaysia by beating the local team 6 - 3, The Reds began to suffer a very horrific pre-season of defending...they have let in a staggering 15 goals in 5 warm-up games. And these are against lower-level football clubs. I’m not even talking about Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Ajax or Barcelona...of course, in their last lap; they managed to beat Valencia 2 -0. But the point in hand is that the players must keep a clean sheet and defend better. We have invested so much in the new players...and I hope that they can get it right this time around. They do not have the Champions League & the Europa League to play in, therefore; they should have the energy & capacity to win the local league. They have got the new players coming in, now they must win each game.

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