Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yingze’s Crossings

Souled Out, Hartamas – Juan Carlos bought us dinner before he left for Korea for his summer holidays with his family (his wife is Korean). I can’t remember the last time I was there but the place still remain the same…good food, still have a very exciting & cool atmosphere to it and there are still many good looking male & female expatriates filling up the place to the brim.

But something strange happen to me that night. Usually, I will have several glasses of wine or beers when dining out…but that night I have selected a Watermelon Mojito. I have several sips (drank half a glass actually), ate my appetizers which consists of a Mushroom Pizza, Fried Calamari, Fried Tofu with Fish Fillings and Cheesy Nachos…then came my main course which is Seafood Spaghetti. After having s few strands of the pasta, squid, prawns…I began to devour the mussels. They are really fresh though. Then all of a sudden…I began to lost my hearing, my vision was blurred and my head was spinning. I got a shock of my life. What is happening to me?! My fellow colleagues said that I was intoxicated because I have mix alcohol with mussels…could it be true? I just felt that there was insufficient blood going up to my head. After throwing up everything, sweating out the cold sweats and had a few glasses of warm water & tea, I began to sober down. My hearing and vision was back to normal. I'm not a great drinker, I can drink, I drink safely and I do enjoy drinking once in a while...I have never got drunk and I have never experience any hangover. I was worried...what is going on?! The feeling was like I have died and come back again. I am not going to touch anything alcoholic for now :)

Yeah, life does have its weird moments :) But at the same time, it sends out a reminder to me again. I’m reminded again and again that IF I am healthy, and IF I can cope with everything that’s going on, day in and day out, till today…it’s really not because I am strong or capable, but it’s because I am 'strengthened’ and ‘made able’ to carry out the tasks that are meant to be done, with the strength from above. Thank you GOD, I am blessed with a very rich and busy life! I will be more appreciative and to be more accepting of my life and all of the people & material things that comes with it.

I want to stay focused on the positive things in my life. I’m old. I lose track of things, especially the important ones. Sometimes I get really distracted. Sometimes I get absorbed in things and people that suck me dry. I want to focus on the good and walk away from the bad this year. Perhaps all I need is a bigger sense of humor to do this :) I want to be happier too. That sounds simple. But I’m serious. Like really happier in the heart. I want to let go of all of the burdens, sorrow and pain and really find that inner peace and be happier. I think this year I really want to learn to manage myself instead of the problems I face in my life. Good or bad…it’s the way things have turned out to be. And I will make the best out of it :) And I know that the rides will be smooth, and bumpy too at times. But somehow, I’m not too worried about all of that. And I guess, it’s because I know that I HAVE these two things: a very supportive family & friends AND most importantly, a faithful GOD who will walk with me, through sunny and stormy days. Always.

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