Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paws Up


I have a Meal Fast this morning – meaning; sacrifice one full meal a day…it could be Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. My Prayer Points were Work, Lifestyle & Pitfalls in the Market Place.

Christian business owners or professional workforce can be the most powerful vehicle for building the kingdom of GOD as well as our nation. It is no secret that a depressed economy is a bed for evil. We can see that now in the Middle East. For as many years, the Church was taught the doctrine of separating the world by Secular and the Spiritual. The business world falls under the secular and therefore, isn’t as important to GOD as the spiritual. But thank GOD for paradigm shifts that has taken place in the global church since the renewed call for the WHOLE CHURCH bringing the WHOLE Gospel to the WHOLE world at the Lausanne Forum in 2004. We can no longer just be satisfied with spiritual salvation while other needs are being ignored. The Bible is filled with admonitions for God’s children engaging in business for just profit and to play a role in providing various supports in all community. God’s promises include giving us the ability and strength to gain wealth and success. God also promise that He can be counted upon in the day of need as well. He is the true source of Provision in our today's world. Unfortunately, many of us have put their trust into the channels rather than the source. Business for the Christian can be a mission for God. Business as a mission means a calling to do business to advance the kingdom of God and to provide for the needs of ourselves and others. The Bible commands: “Work so that you will not be in need and you will have something to share with others”, (EPH4.28) and “If any man is unwilling to work, then neither shall he eat,” (2 Th. 3.10). Business as mission means to use business skills, resources and structures to seek the kingdom of God and to do good to all people, especially those of the household of faith (Gal 6.10). The mission to do business for the kingdom of God is not merely doing business for the purposes of creating opportunities for Evangelism. Work and business are needed in-and-of themselves for the kingdom of God and the welfare of the people. What the poor want is not aid, but jobs – real jobs, not subsidized ones. This is the dignity and self-reliance they deserve.

That’s why I always pray using the prayer of Jabez. Always praying for GOD to bless me lots, to enlarge & expand my territory, to put your hand on me, to deliver me from evil and please let me be a blessing & inspiration to others. I always pray to GOD to shower me with blessings…to use the wealth gain to serve GOD and the community. It’s important to remember to repent for turning the lord’s house into a marketplace, to repent for conforming to the world instead of being transformed by the renewing of our minds, to remember that the Church is to be true to her values while serving God in the world, that the Church would know how to be different and at the same time remain relevant, to be on guard against the love of money and quick gain, to be contended with a moderate lifestyle and to stand firm and trust GOD in the midst of corruption. God knows what my 2 desires are. Thank you GOD, Praise to the LORD, Bless you GOD.

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C said...

that's very interesting yingze!

i like the excerpt from thessalonians ? is it? i can't remember been ages since i read the bible ... if man is not willing to work, then he shouldn't eat too.

i think it says a lot about what was never said before. you're right in that not only do our spiritual selves need to be filled as empty (or half full) vessels, but our mortal needs need to be addressed too!

and with that thessalonian quote, it also says to me, a whole lot more, that god can help , but first we need to help ourselves in a good way. like you said - love for money and quick gain are .... good for some, but not necessarily good for all. myself, don't believe in quick such thing as a free lunch.

i think the big man just gives us the strength to carry on =)