Thursday, December 14, 2017

1040 Movie

Me: Oh I just remember. If it’s not too much…can provide Philips calendar? If this year they hav organizer like last time, will be good too. Gracias

MT: So sorry this year Philips lighting tak Buat calendar…Philips appliance got u want? Organizer not sure yet if have I keep for u

Me: aiya, I OCD. Only use Philips. Appliance calendar ok

MT: Sorry ya today bz. Tak sempat reply. Btw out of curiosity…G13 tak de Philips calendar meh!?

Me: Ada. But I shy to ask from the buyer

MT: Hmmmm. Ur colleague wor. Then not shy wif me la?

Me: I no longer buying mah. I in marketing. Didn’t jalan so far to request

MT: Oh ya lupa

Me: Err. The phone was much nearer for me to text at tat point of time. Was talking something to Marcus. I think ter-trigger. So remember the calendar lor

MT: Organizer not sure got or not supplier said maybe this year cut cost gua. But I get d calendar for u first

Me: G13 buyers all new faces already. Only left a few old faces I know. Then, Lawrence is here lah but seldom talk to him. Then, Stephanie Wong and Pik Har just arrive lor

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