Saturday, February 25, 2017

a car upgrade

So, during the same meeting…aside from assigning me to do the Hari Raya event…Stewart also wants me to do the Debit Balance coordination. Previously, it was coordinated by Mrs. Simon. Currently, I am only doing the coordination work of stock value. Thus, now I have 3 coordination to handle. Fine…guess what…Celtic only have 1…and it’s only the Master File…just making sure that the buyers new item listing do not exceed the target quota. So any new item listing must be one in one out. It’s just another barking work. Unlike Jonas who have to do the HouseBrand budget and Mak Tiri who manages the Division Buying Income & Contracts.

Then I feel so touch…when Stewart ask who is not holding any coordination…Mak Tiri kind of suggest that another buyer take up the Debit Balance coordination, knowing that the Hari Raya event will be a big coordination for me, time consuming too. But Stewart mention that Stewart needed someone that can calculates. I think Jonas & Mak Tiri feel that Celtic is not doing anything…only like a tin kosongbanyak bising…of course Celtic got work, but Celtic’s workload is not as heavy as the rest of us…everyday only complaining...I think Mak Tiri also feel annoyed...hahaha...and I have to handle 3 coordination…I felt both Jonas & Mak Tiri also surprised…surprised that Stewart gave me the additional workload…surprised that Stewart is blind to see but I am glad that people do see…see that this Celtic is really tak berguna langsung and I have to shoulder the extra burden. I am just glad that Jonas and Mak Tiri might be on my side :)

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