Saturday, February 25, 2017

new gadgets

Rakuzen, Empire Subang >> dinner with Paige. So blessed that Paige belanja me makan.

(1) Emerson resigned! Ivan too. Both are heading to New Zealand! Both Emerson & Ivan are too close for comfort...are they a couple?

(2) Now Paige is wondering when will be Miguel’s turn.

(3) The new G13 CEO doesn’t really fancy Maximoff.

(4) The new FOM (Food Operating Module) will not only see a new system being implemented, but the Senior Category Manager level will be wiped out.

(5) With the FOM, Merchandising might be reverting from doing Category Management to Buying. The Marketing team may have a bigger say in everything.

(6) John Doe’s vacant position has not been filled up yet, however Amelia is ready to take it up.

(7) Ursula still does not like Christy.

(8) Ursula is still having difficulties in managing Nigel because Nigel likes to use the lorong belakang.

(9) Ursula disagrees with Miguel in doing the indent for Small Appliances from China. Importing from China…can only be price fighter…volume game…customers still have brand loyalty & brand preference for this category. Apparently there are about 10 containers that will be coming in.

(10) Ursula has become more relax these days…watching Korean drama during lunch break and not coming to work on every Saturday anymore.

(11) Stocks value for the Textile Department has shot up very high but sales are still on the decline.

(12) FW is doing the supermarket format, Sandra is under FW.

(13) Adeline has resigned…Peggy may be promoted.

(14) Jessica have been promoted as GM. Both of the Grocery & Fresh Division no longer have the SCM positions, only GMS still have.

(15) On Albert’s promotion…the new CEO promoted Albert so that Albert will have the full authority & power to execute the HouseBrand strategies without relying on the Merchandising Division that may delay the entire process.

(16) Paige commented that Nixon is good. Nixon is. Very experienced too, thus have help Alice’s Department tremendously.

(17) When Maximoff first arrive in G13…Maximoff already tak suka both Gerrard and Madeleine.

(18) I was also naughty, I shared with Paige regarding Mak Tiri & Celtic.

(19) On Mak Tiri…Paige only mentions that Mak Tiri is very sensitive to numbers, MT can only click with certain people, MT use to be Marcus’s lunch buddy.

(20) On Celtic…Paige also mentions that previously, Marcus did mention about Celtic not meeting deadlines…hahaha…

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