Saturday, February 25, 2017

Just have to get back on track once the busy period is over

The other day…over lunch…Stewart asked me this question…The English people don’t know how to do category review is it…I ask back why…rupa-rupanya…Harriet is suppose to do a category review on A4 Papers…and Stewart find it difficult to understand. It’s like the analysis makes no sense. Then I explained to Stewart…The English have a standardize template which have been signed off by the respective bosses, the buyers just have to pluck the figures in and derived the strategies from the data analysis…Stewart make the comment that it is spoon feeding…well, I explain back to Stewart that it is not spoon feeding…the buyers still have to gather the data and analyze the data. A standardize template is good so that everyone (especially at the top level) to look at things on the same page. Later on in the afternoon, I saw both Jonas & Harriet was at Stewart’s table where Stewart make some comments and show them the analysis which I did earlier on for my Water Bottle category…total units sold vs brand, total units sold vs capacity, total units sold vs sell thru value, total units sold vs margin etc.

I have to thank Ursula who have taught me well…Tommy too…always present something that your boss wants to see…and if you were the boss, what do you want to see from the presentation.

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