Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ethics. Fate. Love. Hope.

Mama Ham’s Aunty pass away recently. At the age of 95, due to old age. A faithful Christian servant who is a blessing to everybody.

Now, when it comes to funeral…the funeral parlor…it has always been an unpleasant to me because it is dark, humid, spooky, dirty, just plain unpleasant. But this Xiao En Group, base in Cheras…wow, I am totally impressed with their modern approach. It just makes the whole process so pleasant indeed. Very peaceful, very relaxing. A full funeral parlor service…like a 5 Star hotel service treatment…it provided end to end services. You just have to pay and every single detail is being taken care of. What a business opportunity.

The setting is already like a 5 Star hotel service treatment. The furniture is all so classy, same goes with the lighting and interior design. There are people there to serve you food too. They provide consultation, they provide decedent care & encoffin service, preparation of ritual tribute, coordination of funeral service, funeral procession and after care services. All of the very small single detail are being prepared by them very carefully & meticulously, without overlooking a single step at all...from the guestbook, candles & cross, altar, flower shrine & casket top floral tribute, condolence box, white polo shirt to everything. One stop service center. I have never experience anything quite like this before.

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