Saturday, February 25, 2017

fun experiences with the kids

What the…Jonas is in charge of the Back To School event…Mak Tiri is in charge of the Chinese New Year event…last year Celtic does the Hari Raya event…this year…still the same thing…but…Stewart announced in the meeting on last week Wednesday that I will be doing the Hari Raya event for this year…then what is this Celtic doing leh…Celtic is damn bloody free you know.

If I look at the negative side…I have to say that Stewart is not being very fair here…all of the Division Managers is holding a major event but Celtic get to escape from it…Jonas is the most burden among all, Jonas have to take care of the luggage portfolio then oversee Harriet (Stationery), William (Bicycle, Camping, Sports & Nautism) and Kelvin (Toys). Mak Tiri have Tin Min (Auto, DIY & Car) and Abigail (Furniture). Celtic have Wayne and myself. From what I see, everyday Celtic only barks at Wayne to do orders only. What the…

If I look at the positive side…preparing for the event…I know I will get to learn new things, I know that I can improve on my excel skills and this is also the opportunity for me to work very closely with both Jonas & Mak Tiri. What I am upset is…Stewart may have favoritism but Stewart needs to be seen as fair. And I can see it’s not fair. Everyone is working hard…but Celtic…2pm only comes back from lunch…sedangkan everyone is back in the office at 1.30pm. Everyone stays up late at work but Celtic goes back sharp sharp 6pm. Play game during working hours. Intolerable.

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