Monday, September 18, 2017

Marlboro Red Hot Hits: Heat Moves Lalala

Category Management
Education & Training
Analytical, Research, Management
Consultancy & Advisory
Branding, Communication, Marketing, Trade Marketing & Media
…this is what I thought I will be doing in G13’s Trade Planning department…before I join G13 lah

G13 yearly / monthly promo plan
G13 leaflet monitoring (weekly action)
G13 trade plan by category (target) consolidation
G13 promotion assessment / review / ROI
Upscale promotion assessment / review / ROI
…before I join G13, Laura did WatsApp me the organization chart…the above was Mr. Horton’s Secretary ‘s portfolio…

G13 event plan
G13 promotion space allocation
G13 weekly S&M meeting
Communication to Ops
Lead G13 store walk
G13 leaflet brief
…this will be my portfolio…I thought I will be doing Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s portfolio…at that point of time…it was similar to what I thought that I will be doing...I find that Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s portfolio was more significant; I felt that it was what I should be doing…my tasks seems to be very kecil like that…hahaha…however, as this is my second month here…I realize that we are just a seed…The English is like a big tree…so, we need to head into that direction, evolve into that mold…let’s improvise as we move along…

God…I pray to you…please place the Trade Planning department under a very strong leadership…who have the authority & power…please give us the tools to become the tree…who can drive us into that level…let’s grow into a tree…let Marcus, Mr. Horton’s Secretary, Samuel & myself are able to work well together, with trust, with harmony, unitedly. Please ensure that we put the customers & company interest above everything else…

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