Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life is an experiment

Yup, that’s how I have been feeling lately…I am in my new portfolio for the past 57 days. Toys & Luggage analysis have been completed. Same goes for Leisure. Planogram for Luggage, Camping & Nautism is almost done. Now, only in the process of fine-tuning the sports elements. The Toys category have been my biggest challenge so far. Giving me lots of headache. Too much of complexity & complications. I have made some changes which I’m not sure whether they are right or wrong. Only time will tell. If I am right; it will be cool. If I am wrong, I will have to move forward and to improvise & fine tune it along the way. I live or die with my decisions. Now, all I can only do is to absorb all of the stress & pressure while waiting for judgment day. I know that I have sailed through all of these obstacles is only because of GOD’s grace, mercy and strength. Every day, I humbly prayed to God to give me the needed strength, patience and endurance that’s enough for me to go through the day, and HE did give what I needed. I am also very thankful to both William & Henry, the suppliers and the store people. Yes, we are going through some trying times…the most difficult stage of D33 history. They have been fantastic and I know that the perfect execution often comes with decades of experience. I also feel that I have graduated with a better EQ :) I can maintain a more positive composure compare to the last time. But it’s all the work of GOD who continually gave me a sense of calmness, inner peace, wisdom and a clear mind.

In life there are things that we can and cannot choose.
We CAN’T choose when we’d want to be born.
We CAN’T choose our race.
We CAN’T choose our parents.
There are also many things in our lives that are simply be ‘beyond’ our control. And we simply can’t make a choice.
There are countless other things in our lives that we CAN choose.
We CAN choose to forgive and not to hate.
We CAN choose to be more of a giver and not just a receiver.
We CAN choose to be more grateful and not complain.
We CAN choose to be more loving in our words and actions towards our family and everyone else.
We CAN choose to see life in a more positive light and not be a pessimistic.
There will definitely be HEAPS of choices that I will and need to make this year.
Choices that are personal.

I feel happy, tired, lonely, and very proud that I’m managing it all so well, thus far.

"We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way" - John Halt

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