Sunday, February 19, 2012

the statistical probability of love at first sight

What a memorable day it was :) I attended a local stand-up comedy at PJ Live Arts at Jaya One the other day.

Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians presents THREE AND A HALF MEN (C.N.Y. EDITION) featuring Douglas Lim, Kuah Jenhan, Phoon Chi Ho and Dr. Jason. Seriously, they are very very good. The materials, the jokes, the metaphors…I really have a good laugh from the start of the session till the end. They really surprise me. They manage to incorporate a very typical Malaysian stereotypes perspective on everything into Malaysian everyday lives & conversation. They poke fun on our local politicians, on our government policies, on our Singaporean neighbors, on our fellow Malays, Chinese & Indians brothers & sisters, and many more. Of course, it may be sensitive or even offensive to some people, but come on...attending such an event, a person really has to keep an open mind to it. The overall structure is good. The interpretation was very modern. It was contemporary with hilarious overtones. The guys are just lovely, funny, cool, talented and so down to earth. I remembered seeing Douglas Lim on TV since I was a teenager and at that time he was the skinny hairdresser who owned the Stylo-Milo hair salon on 'Kopitiam'.

It was a simple and casual event, with an excellent attendance! I hope that I can attend more of this :)

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