Sunday, February 12, 2012

Like I said, a Fantastic Day

Attended Kendra’s fourth birthday celebration at Vistana Hotel.
Every year, without fail, Stewart will organize a birthday party for Kendra and will invite Celtic and myself. This year, the new addition to the family is Mrs. Simon. These are all the former and current D31 members. It was fun catching-up with each one of them :)
Stewart kid’s party was held at a warehouse sized ballroom, the buffet was certainly a pleasure, the pink Minnie Mouse birthday cake was nice to look at, oh…they even hired a clown this time around who goes from table to table to make sculptured balloons for the children, many of Kendra’s friends were invited…they were funny, energetic, playful, friendly, sociable, active, confident and happy. Unfortunately, this time around…Danny was not in the attendance…or else…I would have tried my luck in trying to get a free-of-charge-consultation on work-related matters from him :)

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