Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Phone Idol

I've got a new toy – I’ve got myself a new phone…a Nokia 300. Yes, I’m such a dinosaur…when everyone else is getting a new smart phone; I am still using such an old phone model. But I’ve got to give myself a pat at the back because this phone actually comes with a combination of both of the key pads and touch screen features altogether :) So, I still have the buttons which I’m familiar with and still have the touch screen where I learn to tap & drag. At first, I am still not used to dragging to find the function that I want, but after a while, I am getting better at using it. Seriously, when it comes to gadgets & technology…I’m not that good about trying anything new that is electronics related. So, before I move to a smart phone on a full time basis, I will get myself familiarize with this first :) And it’s a fiery red too.

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