Sunday, February 12, 2012

an uncultured fool

Troy was in KL last weekend and we had the opportunity to catch-up with each other over breakfast. We had our morning Dim Sum at Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant in Damansara. Coincidencely, it was both of us favorite Dim Sum eatery :)

We’ve been friends since our undergraduate days and have been through each other’s good and hellish days together. I’ve never really thought about how much we’ve grown and well, how much we have acquired along the way since we’ve grown up. I mean when we look at our old friends, we just see them as they are…or rather, as they were…and we don’t look at the benefits that they come with. And sometimes, I feel very paiseh, because Troy always brings me small gifts. And I always tend to be the forgetful one :)

I know that in my life, there will be good weather and bad weather people. And Troy is one of my good weather friends. Even though, we are far apart, I know that Troy will be there for me through every single rough steps, held my hand through all the tough days. Like what Troy did for me when the both of us were studying in Perth. During our days in South Street, Troy & I party together, celebrate festive seasons with each other, went on holidays together. We were there for each other. I really missed those times. Sometimes, I wished that I can drop everything and join Troy on the many adventures that Troy has been in.

I guess there’s perhaps no right or wrong type of friends. We need a balance of both types of people in our lives so that we always have people to laugh with and cry with. Friendship is such a privilege. It always is.

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