Sunday, February 12, 2012

Secret Codes & Battleships

Singer and actress Whitney Houston; winner of six Grammy Awards including record of the year for "I Will Always Love You" and album of the year for "The Bodyguard," has died at the age of 48 :(

This is so sudden. The moment I heard about her demise on the radio this morning, the first thing that I thought was…oh my goodness, she was SO young. It made me realize that no matter how great the achievements one has, how large the wealth that one has acquired…no matter how big one’s empire is…or how successful, respected, important one may have been…we are all human and can never escape sickness and death.

I grew up listening to all of her songs and every one of them was my favorite. During that era, there was only her, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion & Gloria Estefan. Whitney Houston was the most outstanding among the four…she have a very solid, powerful & melodious vocals. Her ballads were amazingly beautiful; both in lyrics and in melodies. She was like a raw diamond when she first started out, and later on as she was being polished by music producers & industry experts…she became a sparkling gem. Her soaring vocals and powerful stage presence were the gold standard by which many of her peers & current crops of singers judged themselves today. I totally agree with Mariah Carey, her collaborator on "When You Believe", said that Whitney had one of the "greatest voices to ever grace the earth". Even though, she was embroiled with drug additions & mingling with the wrong crowd…and without a strong come-back song to put her back on track in the music scene, nonetheless she has proven herself many times over that she is determined to turn over a new leaf, to make new records…to be the absolute glorified diva that she is worthy of. Let all of us be reminded of her self-worth and her valued contributions to the world. The world has lost a great talent.

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