Saturday, May 16, 2015

But He Who Gains A Victory

Celaka betul this Tommy…goes and tells everyone that I hide here & hide there during the floor walk with the CEO & the new Commercial Director. Yes, I did that alright…but do you have to tell everyone about it? In the first place, you say you don’t want the CEO to have the walk because we are not ready to do the presentation for the whole department…then, eventually you also ask the CEO to take a casual walk through it. I am not ready at that time. I was not fully prepared…I didn’t even had my lunch in order to get the open space ready…of course…I avoid everything at all cost. Somemore, this Michel said that Tommy will not backstab, bad-mouthed or complain about Tommy’s staffs…yeah right…this Tommy is also very clever to complain and good at complaining too.

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