Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nafiri 1 & 2

Looking back…being under Leonardo, Ursula & Marcus…changing so many bosses in a span of nearly 3 years…is not a bad thing after all. It keeps me from rottening because being in the G13 nest for so long…really can soften & rotten a person. It takes away all of the positive energy. Not only that…it also prepares me for Tommy’s arrival.

Leonardo – hmm…I didn’t learn that much…
Ursula – I learn how to drive the business. As a matter of fact…some success stories of this year is also thanks to her…leaflet exposure, ordering, bin display, sharp prices, store support, sales tracker, sharing of good practices, monitoring results etc.
Barry – always response…not to react.
Marcus – finding a balance.

Sigh…it’s really true what Miss Klein have pointed out to me the other day…in the retail hypermarket industry…when there is a change of the top management, everything change…when a new boss is on board, everything changes again. The industry is cycling with the same problem. I do feel stagnant already. I don’t mind new challenges. This one is like…the same old shit; week in and week out. I am not adding in anymore new knowledge depth, skills enhancement into my portfolio. I am beginning to lose the passion for retail. I am starting to compromise on myself and on everything else. Where am I going to be in 5 years time? Still a buyer?

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