Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why Pretend?

Whenever we are unwilling to face a negative emotion, it implies that we are not in control of it, but that it is in control of us. Christians are often taught to pretend that they feel joyful when really they are miserable. The typical Christian reaction to negative emotions is either denial or expression. The issue of denial – refusing to face them and feel them. The expression of emotions is the act of letting our emotions out. This is a popular approach with many of today’s counselors and therapist. They say, when you feel upset, hurt or angry, then shout and scream or punch a pillow until you have released those pent-up emotions. There is no doubt that some relief can be gained in this way, but it is not a very biblical or mature way of dealing with our negative feelings.

The right way of handling negative feelings is neither to deny them or express them, but to acknowledge them.

I am acknowledging my weaknesses now lor

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