Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Aoki-Tei Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Sunway Nexis – had dinner with Uncle Andy & Co. Actually this Uncle Andy have set me up (on a date) with another friend of his…his name is Andrew, a year younger than me, works at Sime Darby…ok lah, I find Andrew decent, friendly, appropriate…Uncle Andy say that all the mothers will love Andrew but not the girls because Andrew is kind of the boring type, will not initiate much…not a boyfriend material that will swept you off your feet but more of a husband material wor

Uncle Andy also got ask me to catch up with Pietro…seems like Pietro is kind of down lately. Sales are challenging, same goes for Buying Income. Uncle Andy also notice that Marcus is also feeling a little bit worried and insecure because Marcus’s position or Job Title as the Promotion Manager is not part of the Merchandising Department structure, more like a Marketing Department structure…if like that…if anything happens…Marcus may be the first to go. Ouch.

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