Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Was Told There’d Be Cake

Being the kepoci me…I quickly grab the phone and call Pietro.

(1) Fandi have left last week.

(2) Apparently both Brian & Fandi decide to tender on the same week. However, in the end, Brian only verbally mention the intentions but have not submitted the letter officially yet. Pietro suspect that Brian got quietly inform Miguel on why Brian is leaving...because of The Witch...hahaha...

(3) The Witch…as usual lor…but have pissed off many of the suppliers.

(4) Nixon; a former English Buyer that holds a Division Managerial Level, who recently kena VSS…have replace Fandi’s position…hmmm…did Nixon reduce the salary…otherwise…Nixon is taking in a Division Level salary…but doing a Category Manager’s work wor

(5) Then The Witch told Pietro that The Witch is applying for a transfer…scare kena pecat…hahaha…of course lah...Nixon is so much better than her...

(6) The other day, Maximoff also got hentam The Witch because The Witch doesn’t know the figures. Short of RM200K for closing…but declare short of RM1.2M…that is a big difference leh

(7) Pietro said that Miguel very like Nixon and Nixon is also a very fast learner…very quickly can grasp things around and understand Miguel’s working style.

(8) So…now the question will be…how is Miguel going to manage The Witch. How can I fit in? Do I have the chance or not...

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