Sunday, June 12, 2016

Grill & Chill

Disappointed…very DISAPPOINTED.
I reduce my salary of RM300 when I join The Japanese…Stewart promised me that I will get it back upon my confirmation. However, it did not prevail. Stewart…I believe that Stewart did fight for me…but knowing that The Japanese; that is so budget conscious and hold their purse string so tightly…it did not materialize. However, Stewart did found another way to compensate me back; it was via claims. So, every month, I just have to submit my claims…stating that I have travel for store visits, competitor visits etc…

If I do leave, this will be my second reason…my first will be…I just…somehow; I just can’t integrate into the whole working culture here…again…I am not looking down on people who fill up forms…I used to fill up forms as well…I was a Management Trainee back then…I move up rank & file for goodness sake…I know the benefits of it when you delegate the filling up forms to the other people…it buys the buyer time to crunch & digest the numbers. Last year, when I exchange WatsApp messages with Stewart…Stewart mention that the buyers are so busy…yes, busy filling up forms. I am very sure if I ask Stewart right now, what is the Division Trade Plan for the 3rd Quarter of this year, I can bet that Stewart doesn’t know one or have one. Where as our competitors already firm up their 3rd Quarter Trade Plan. I feel that I am not learning more…it’s not stimulating enough…like how I was under Ursula and Tommy before.

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