Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

Is this call bitching…nah…I don’t think so…I only speak the truth.
Stewart and I were discussing something on work related matters…don’t know how it jump into the Celtic’s topic conversation.

THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for giving me the opportunity to voice up.

(1) Stewart also notices that Celtic is very free. Not doing anything. I make a big laugh :) Stewart mention that Celtic is the Project Leader for this Hari Raya Event…but Celtic didn’t do anything…Stewart have to do on behalf.

(2) I told Stewart that Celtic talks a lot…Stewart said that Celtic is so free mah…hahaha…

(3) Stewart also realizes that Celtic is not good at doing presentation. I can only say that Celtic’s one and strongest strength is nailing down the suppliers. Of course, I did not say this to Stewart out loud.

(4) Stewart told me that right now…whatever work that Celtic is doing…is just to give Stewart’s face only.

(5) Celtic told Stewart that back in G13, Celtic is very free. Of course, Celtic have 2 assistants initially, no pressure of Buying Income back then, only need to boost up sales.

(6) But to be fair, according to Stewart…last year Celtic did save the whole Division on Buying Income.

(7) Stewart finds Celtic cannot embrace change. Still stuck in the old ways of doing things. Stubborn. In denial.

(8) Stewart will find the time to speak to Wayne as Stewart find Wayne is not sure what to do anymore on the job. I told Stewart this…before my arrival, Wayne has a role to play in the department…but after my arrival, I think Wayne is also lost and not sure of the role that Wayne needs to play in the department. Celtic did not provide the direction. I would love to coach & manage Wayne myself but I cannot be seen as over powering Celtic.

(9) I say to Stewart that Celtic wants to win. Wanting to win is good. But right now, Celtic not only wants to win with the suppliers but also among friends.

(10) I also outright told Stewart that the Celtic right now, is not like the previous Celtic when we are still attach with The French. Stewart has to handle Celtic delicately. I don’t know whether I have grown up or not but this time around, I came back with a different perspective. Stewart acknowledges that and even admits that at times, Stewart let Mrs. Simon to be the bad news bearer…hahaha…

(11) We also talk a bit on Harriet. I said that Harriet is well trained by The English. Stewart said no lor…Captain Johnson also complains Harriet. Yes, the English people are not that hands-on operation wise. Apparently one of Harriet’s Buy In Plan was the Steadtler 24 Color Pencils; selling at RM6.90…10,000 units purchased…but somehow…our operation is so weak, the operation team doesn’t know how to do the display. Earlier on, I already inform Harriet, get the control back for the open space. As our store people cannot be overloaded as they cannot manage so many tasks, just give them 1 item code, 1 bin display. Get used to that first, then gradually add on more item codes. Have to re-condition the store people first before establishing a routine on them.

(12) Stewart agrees I am overloaded with work. Hahaha…again, don’t get me wrong…this paper work really eats into my time. As a matter of fact…Stewart no need to hire anymore buyers…we only have 23 stores…the numbers of buyers in the Division is sufficient…we need MAs, assistants to do the paperwork…but of course, after this, the buyer’s productivity how to measure, I also don’t know.

(13) Stewart says that I am on the right track of things.

(14) Stewart says that Stewart sees the problem right now. Hahaha...

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