Sunday, June 12, 2016

Evening Shade

Naughty Nuri’s – it’s like Morgan’s Field. It serves pork & beer :)
I am actually surprised because by the sound of it’s name…I thought it was another Ayam Penget restaurant…hahaha…it’s originated from Ubud, Bali and they are known to serve some of the best wicked ribs around, it is now found in over 10 locations around Asia. The place is also quite brave where they are not shy in having frame pictures of pigs around…hahaha.

The pork ribs arrived and it was a handsome and impressive looking dish. The meat was tender, with warming flavors that were delicate, mellow and sweet. The gravy brought it all together nicely.

Was there with Turkey Ham. Tuesday night. Doing some lovely catch-up.

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