Sunday, February 22, 2015

Choose Life

What is God’s will for my life? What if I couldn’t find it? What if I didn’t recognize it? God’s will seemed like a needle in a haystack. Hidden. Obscured by lookalikes. Outnumbered by counterfeits. But my view of God’s will was wrong because my view of God was wrong. God takes no pleasure in seeing us lost, wandering, searching. He wants us to know His will. He makes it clear and He makes it simple. He doesn’t even make it multiple choice. He gives just two choices: life and good or death and evil. In case the best choice isn’t obvious, He even says which one to choose: Choose Life. To choose life is to choose God Himself and obey His Word.

God’s will for us is life. His Word is life. And Jesus is the Word. God may not give a prescription for every decisions, but He gave us a perfect example to follow – Jesus. The right choice may not be easy, but when the Word is our guide and worship is our goal, God will grants us the wisdom to make life affirming choices.

Lord Jesus, we know that true wisdom comes
From leaning on You. Help us to trust in
You and to seek Your face and Your will
That we find in Your life giving Word.

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