Sunday, February 15, 2015

Krash Pad

Work Tales – hahaha…there are many sharks, jaws, crocodiles which are circling in front of me right now. I will just be low profile and be under the radar at the moment. This Celtic is also very celaka one. I am very appreciateful & grateful of Celtic’s friendship loyalty on our relationship. Celtic said that Celtic will bring me over to the Japanese. Will find a way to help me to get out from the hell here. But Celtic have to remember this, I am no longer like last time; the small kid who earn around RM3,000. I am indeed a very heavy weighted potato right now. Stewart; after absorbing another heavy duty salary of Celtic's, will surely cannot afford another one. This is a fact. But this Celtic is very determined. So determined that Celtic tells everybody in the office that Celtic will bring me over there…until right now…especially the kepo ones…keep on asking me when I will be leaving, let’s do a joint farewell lunch together, I am sure you have gotten your offer letter already, when are you going to tender your resignation letter etc. Aiyo. I don’t even have anything in my hand yet. And these are coming from Paige, Barry, Linda, Lionel, Laura, Baldwin and even Ursula. OMG.

I am constantly thankful for the many blessings in my life. GOD has my best interest in His heart. He will lead me what He thinks is best for me.

O Father, help me see that all Your actions toward me have my highest interest at heart. You allow things to happen not to demean me but to develop me. You strip me in order to sustain me. Give me a trusting heart. In Christ’s name I ask it. Amen.

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