Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One-Way Trip To Mars

Again, another sampat case of Ursula. Paige is already away for the CNY holidays…so Ursula lost her lunch buddy. I tapau my lunch yesterday, went back up to the office…then bump into Ursula.

Ursula: What you bought?
Me: I tapau.
Ursula: I don’t know what to eat.
Me: Tapau what you want to eat.
Ursula: But I also don’t know what I want to eat. My regular is that one (referring to Paige & herself usual spot of Secret Recipe or Coffee Bean).
Me: Get Maggi Mee goreng.
Ursula: Or.

When Ursula came back up, she was eating in her room. So, I was so kepo and see what she had for her lunch…she had a Nasi Kerabu and a Coffee Bean Latte.

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