Sunday, February 22, 2015

Never Let Down

When I was a child one of my favorite pastimes was playing on the seesaw in the nearby park. A child would sit on each end of the board and bounce each other up and down. Sometimes the one who was down would stay there and leave his playmate stuck up in the air yelling to be let down. But the cruelest of all tricks was getting off the seesaw and running away when your friend was up in the air – he would come crashing down to the ground with a painful bump.

Sometimes we may feel that Jesus does that to us. We trust Him to be there with us through the ups and downs of life. However, when life takes a turn and leaves you with bumps and bruises, it may feel as if He has walked away leaving our lives to come painfully crashing down.

But Lamentations 3 reminds us that the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end. And that God is faithful to the end even when everything seems to be falling apart. This means that in the midst of our pain, even though we may be lonely, we are not alone. And though we may not feel His presence, He is there as our trusted companion who will never walk away and let us down!

Thank You, Lord, that we can trust in Your
Faithful presence even when we feel alone.
Help us to wait patiently for You to manifest
Your steadfast loving presence.

When everyone else fails, Jesus is your most trusted friend.

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