Sunday, February 22, 2015

Laughing Gor

Attended Ping & Tony’s baby girl full moon lunch in Damansara…somewhere last year…my blogging dates are pretty screwed up…an event might take place now…and I will only blog about it several months down the road…OMG :)

It was not a 3 months full moon celebration…but a 4 months full moon celebration. Baby Amanda is just so adorable and she looks like Russell from Disney’s Up :) Went there with Miss Klein & Mel Jag. Thereafter, we lepak in this Taiwanese bakery cum café (as usual, we will always go to someplace for a good second round session)…the place customer flow is highly organized, the decor is modern and quite classy, the place is pretty quiet, not cramped and the service is quite good though. But it’s unfussy, quick and easy. And most importantly, the food is pretty great. My bad...can't remember the name of the shop at all :)

Ohh…I also spotted Miguel & Kelly. I didn’t go over to say hi to Miguel but Kelly did come over to say hi to me :)

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