Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cohn & Wolfe

OMG. I had a conversation with my JB Store Division Manager yesterday. She asked me this question – is Ursula having problem with Christy. I buat bodoh. I told her that I don’t know because I don’t mix with the both of them much. She explained to me that she is close with Ursula & myself. Not with Shawn because Shawn is a guy after all, not with Gerrard because Gerrard’s portfolio is quite clean, not much problem over there. I asked her why she is so curious. She said that at times, when Ursula asked about Christy – is like Ursula is investigating on Christy…Ursula will checked with her on what Christy have said…did Christy mention anything…did Christy follow-up on this…etc. Ohhh…

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