Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dapper & Gentry

Jibby & Co – farewell dinner for Celtic.
Baldwin was the organizer for it. Marcus, Alice, Madeleine, Pietro & myself was in da’house as well. Celtic is made up of good quality & substance. Celtic will perform, regardless which position that Celtic will be in or where Celtic will be located. Stewart has finally requested personally for Celtic to return home this time. Instead of returning back to the French, Celtic is returning back to the Japanese. Stewart’s team have been performing so badly for the past 3 years…that Stewart felt that it is the right time to get Celtic back in. And I have to say that Stewart has made a wise decision. Celtic will perform for sure…the Japanese have been very slow in delivering the results, unlike when the English took over M13 previously…performance are not there and Celtic will go there and show them how it is being done. By staying in G13 or moving on elsewhere, Celtic has nothing to lose for sure…it is whether Celtic wants to weather a bigger storm that is currently brewing in G13 or not. No doubt, the situation in G13 is no longer like how it used to be…everything is a cycle…the cycle of change is about to take place in G13 that will shake everyone in it.

As for me…I have nothing but Courage. Courage to face my fears. Courage to take the unknown path. Courage to pursue my dreams. Courage to make mistakes. Courage to pick myself back up again and be better and stronger than before. Courage to be myself. Courage to take that leap of faith. Courage to start to trust in God more.

Good luck Celtic!

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