Sunday, July 09, 2017

Of Love & Old Shoes

Me: Hola. After going thru so many hierarchy, my last day can b on 27/7. So I can start on 1/8. Half a month earlier. I am going to apps Emerson (HR) and c wat she have to say. U ok?

Marcus: :( Only 2 weeks earlier

Me: I apps Emerson (HR) now. C wat she say…

Marcus: Ok

Me: Hola. Already 24 hours. No reply from Emerson (HR) wor. How…

Marcus: Ok, just wait lo. U done your part.

Me: Hola, I think she will check with the both of u now.

Me: Ta daa…

Marcus: Sörenstam had a WIP with me tis morning and asked about you. And so happened you text me and update yesterday, and texting me. Then I told her how Emerson (HR) answer you. Then Sörenstam immediately sent an email to ask Emerson (HR). Then Emerson (HR) quickly proceed loh


You Know all about me, Lord, and You love me.
Thank You for understanding me completely!

God - a second wave of fear is gripping me right now. The first one was…when I spill out everything to Celtic…I was really afraid that I will lose both sides…not until Marcus told me that Sörenstam wants to buy me off.

Now, this second wave…as my days with The Japanese are coming to an end…yet G13 have not issued out the cheque yet. No cheque, means no buyout, no buyout means I cannot leave The Japanese earlier & join G13. Additionally, The Japanese is moving to a new office downstairs and there is no space for me. All have been filled up. Of course, Lawrence have told me that it will take approximately 2 weeks for the cheque to be issued out…tomorrow baru is the 6th working day. I am feeling reckless God. This feeling was also the same feeling that I have when I was waiting for the Section 7 house process to go through.

Hear my prayers God – please let G13 issue the cheque by tomorrow. I do not mind to collect it myself and handed in personally to The Japanese's HR. I just want this last step to be completed, to be done with and everything is locked down & secured with.

God – please plan it out accordingly for me. Amen.

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