Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Horizontal Motivation

Sörenstam: Hello this is Sörenstam here

Me: Hi

Sörenstam: How r u? Been a while since we spoke

Me: All good…anything…

Sörenstam: Just wanted to touch base and excited that u r coming onboard by 1 Aug?

Me: Yes ma’am

Sörenstam: Aiya call me Sörenstam la. So old wui ma’am. Me mid life crisis haha

Me: Just to update u, only awaiting for the buy out cheque from HR side…

Sörenstam: Any delay?

Me: Only awaiting for the buy out cheque from HR…they haven’t update me yet…

Sörenstam: Ah ic, let me drop them an email to check

Me: Thank u

Sörenstam: Np

Sörenstam: Hr said cheque ready by 17 july next Monday for collection

Me: Thank u. I will follow up with Emerson (HR) then. Thanks again

Sörenstam: Np

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