Tuesday, July 04, 2017

A Resting Place

Just imagine this: the Creator of the universe responds to our prayers and we find in Him, and Him alone, the rest we can find nowhere else. How?

Because the Father, is compassion, sees & hears.

Because the Son is constantly interceding for us at the Father’s side.

Because the Holy Spirit is interpreting our prayers in order to bring our hearts in line with God’s good purposes for us.

The Godhead joins us in our prayers – what a resting place! And even though we still face times when prayer is agonizing and laborious, even in those times, ultimately, we rest in our prayers because we rest in Him. As the Psalmist sang – Be still, and know that I am God.

Life is often filled with unexpected problems or crises. Unrest & despair can darken the way of even the strongest child of God. Yet because of the refuge we have in God, we can know stability in spite of stress and difficulties. As we are held securely near to the heart of God, we find the rest, the comfort, the joy and the peace that only Jesus our Redeemer can give. Because of this, we can live everyday with an inner calm and courage.

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