Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I have You In My Heart

Marcus: Hi J___!

Me: Hola

Marcus: Sörenstam texted you? What was the latest update from Emerson (HR)?

Me: Yes ma’am

Marcus: Sörenstam said it was pending from G13 HR?

Me: Waiting. Yes. The cheque belum ready.

Marcus: Oh… Sörenstam really text you ah

Me: Yes ma’am

Marcus: I see…

Me: Tat was last wed conversations with Emerson (HR). Then no news already. But Lawrence say it takes 2 weeks

Marcus: Lawrence is your friend??? Lawrence came so fast?

Me: Lawrence from The Japanese. Ex colleague. Don’t know wor

Marcus: Now Emerson (HR) replied Sörenstam said the cheque will be ready by Monday 17/7

Marcus: Sörenstam cannot tahan already, as Sörenstam wants tradeplan to chair the sales meeting but I keep staying away from the office

Me: Ok, I collect the cheque on Monday after work. Will also wait for Emerson (HR) msg

Me: How big is this meeting ya?

Marcus: Top management, CEO & all directors. Not to worry, you just have to initiate the meeting. I mean “we”. Finance will present by them, and minute down the meeting and follow up with the stakeholders. For beginning, Mr. Horton’s secretary will join you.

Me: Gulp…I didn’t expect the scale is this huge

Marcus: It is still better than collect income

Me: Oh yes I agree

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