Sunday, July 16, 2017

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Mak Tiri Punya Cerita 001

I don’t know what happen between Mak Tiri & her lunch buddy…apparently, they are no longer eating together now…so currently Mak Tiri’s new lunch buddy is Li Fong.

So, the other day I joined the both of them for lunch at Dave’s Deli.

This Mak Tiri betul – betul stun me. What happen was...I have yet to tell Li Fong that I have resigned from The Japanese…this MT went and ask me on the spot when is my last day…celaka betul. This is something private. Where I should personally informs Li Fong about it myself and not hearing the news from other people.

Then, I also told them that I am not doing merchandising anymore…I told Li Fong…that like MT, I also want to retire, but I cannot fully retire yet, so I retire from merchandising first.

Rupa-rupanya…MT also want to get out from merchandising…hahaha…MT commented that I was having the luck, being at the right place, at the right time.

I replied back that it was God’s bless, have to thank God for that…then MT also pointed out that it was good that someone actually thought of me and gave me the opportunity…hmm…I wonder if MT knew that it was Marcus who gave me the opportunity.

Later on, I recommend the both of them to drink #ChillChill.

Then, Li Fong mention that she is not working the next day…so I casually ajak Mak Tiri for lunch the next day…hahaha…like asking for a date like that…but the reason I ask MT out for lunch is to ask her why she blurted the whole resignation thingy to Li Fong…

OMG…Li Fong also got share with MT that I brought Li Fong for her first marathon back in March.

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