Monday, July 03, 2017

Lillhojden & Lisabo

Last week Friday was Lawrence’s last day at work with The Japanese. As Lawrence was about to leave the building, I time my timing so well so that I can bump into Lawrence...hahaha...

Oklah, we finally talk about our departure :)

Lawrence said that he knew about my departure when he observed that I was in the meeting room with Stewart. Then, Lawrence told me that he also knew that I went to collect the story books from Tommy before Tommy left for Singapore. Actually, I also know that Tommy was supposed to meet up with Lawrence after I have collected the books…so, both Lawrence & myself just knew about everything but pretend don’t know…hahaha…I think Lawrence already know about my leaving from Tommy…I just cannot figure out why and how come; both Tommy & Lawrence were close…and coincidence that Lawrence saw Stewart & I in the meeting room, I think Lawrence just use that as a reason, I suspect that he already has been well-informed from Tommy earlier on. Just that he don't want to cucuk Tommy out only. Lawrence is with The Japanese for 9 months now…then Lawrence also informs me that he also deals with Emerson (HR) and informs me that the entire buy out process will takes about 2 weeks, get Emerson (HR) to courier the cheque over…and today is Lawrence first day at work in G13.

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