Tuesday, June 27, 2017

15 actionable tips for getting a promotion

1. Do a skills gap assessment
Find out what it takes to get the role you’re eyeing. Look at the job description and requirements. Then figure out what you need to do to close the gaps between what you can do and what the role requires.

2. Get a mentor
A mentor is someone who you can look to for career advice and support in your career journey. It’s usually someone of a higher ranking than yourself, or someone who is excellent in your field of work. Ultimately, your mentor should be someone who inspires you to do well and is willing to help you succeed in your job.

3. Get feedback on your performance
You may think that you’re doing well and wonder why you haven’t been promoted yet. Or you may be thinking that you’re only just learning the ropes and that a promotion is still far away. Get a clearer picture of your actual performance by asking for feedback on your performance from your manager.

4. Upskill
It goes without saying that the role you want requires additional knowledge and skills. Work to expand your skill set. Actively look for learning opportunities that can deepen your skills and strengthen your resume.

5. Develop the habit of learning
If you want to stay relevant to the job market, develop the habit of learning. Learn about the newest trends in your industry. Learn more about the mechanisms that make a business succeed. Apply what you learn to your strategy for moving up in your career.

6. Volunteer or ask for bigger responsibilities
Show that you’re interested in helping the company succeed by asking for or volunteering for more responsibilities. Ask for bigger responsibilities so that you can practice and show your capabilities in handling more challenging tasks.

7. Think big picture
It’s easy to get so engrossed in work to the point that you’re just ticking things off your to do list. While that is crucial to your performance at work, it’s equally important for you to take a step back, reflect on how things are going, and think about whether you’re on your way to achieving your career goals.

8. Behave professionally at all times
Professional behavior rewards you with a good reputation. Consider your work ethics, the way you speak, what you say, how your dress, your attitude, the way you interact with others, how much you complain, and how you react when challenges arise.

9. Push for excellence
Avoid churning out mediocre work. Get noticed by making an effort to produce work that will impress your manager and your colleagues. This is also true in teamwork. Learn how to rally your teammates to produce excellent work (without being too annoying).

10. Record your accomplishments
You can make a better case for a promotion when you can show that you’re qualified and have had successes. Keep a record of what you’ve done well, the extras you’ve done, the certifications you’ve earned, as well as any other proof that you’re ready for a bigger role.

11. Learn how to promote yourself
It has to be said that as Malaysians, self-promotion is a skill that needs to be honed. Learn how to sell yourself and learn how to let people know about your accomplishments. After all, if you don’t tell people what you’re capable of, who will?

12. Help others succeed
If you’re aiming to be in charge of others, you have to learn how to help others succeed too. Not only does it say that you’re capable of being a leader, but those who do well under because you encouraged and helped them will most probably spread the good word about you.

13. Be likeable
You can’t please everyone – that’s a given. But being likeable make it easy for people to work with you. Be kind, helpful, polite, honest, assertive, and genuine. Smile, arrive on time, greet people by name, work hard, complain less. Likeable people are a pleasure to promote!

14. Apply for internal job openings
If there is an internal job opening that’s relevant and to your role, put your best foot forward and apply for it. If you fulfil the requirements, you’ll get it. If you don’t, at least you tried – and now management knows that you have the desire and ambition for more responsibility. They may very well keep you in mind for other opportunities.

15. Keep an eye out for external opportunities
It’s no secret that job hopping can boost your career. Sometimes there’s just no room for promotion within a company – and your manager can’t promote you if the need doesn’t exist. You'd do well to look for new challenges elsewhere.

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